Go beyond antivirus with the all-new Free Security Suite

It’s the first-ever full security package that not only blocks malware, but anonymizes your browsing, and wipes your online traces clean – for free.

Next-gen security

Privacy protection

Enhanced performance

eScan Anti-Virus

Experience dynamic protection against viruses and cybercriminals that affects the overall performance of your computer and corrupts your data with eScan Anti-Virus. It proactively safeguards your PC against existing and emerging threats and objectionable content. With the MicroWorld Winsock Layer technology, eScan Anti-Virus scans all the incoming and outgoing traffic from the Internet, hence providing enhanced security.

eScan Internet Security Suite

eScan Internet Security solution designed for home and small office users is a comprehensive Antivirus and Content Security Solution that provides complete protection to your computers against objectionable content and security threats that creep around the internet such as Viruses, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, Phishing Web sites and range of information security threats.

 eScan Corporate Edition (with Hybrid Network Support)

With information technology being the backbone of any business today, IT security is considered as a key part of business strategy by the organizations.

Amidst constantly increasing threats in the cyber-security landscape, protection of valuable intellectual property and business
data against theft/ misuse without interrupting business continuity is a critical issue.

The new eScan Corporate Edition with Hybrid Security Network strengthens the cyber-security capabilities of the businesses by providing multi-layered protection to the IT infrastructure from complex threats and secures critical business information effectively without constraining business growth.

It is an excellent combination of advanced and futuristic technologies that provides protection to Windows,
Mac and Linux-based endpoints in the network.

Key Features (eScan Server, Windows)


New Secure Web Interface with Summarized Dashboard
The new Secure Web Interface uses SSL technology to encrypt
all communications.
eScan’s summarized dashboard provides administrators the
status of the managed endpoints in graphical format like
deployment status, protection status and statistics.
Asset Management
eScan’s Asset Management module provides the entire
hardware configuration and list of software installed on
endpoints. This helps administrators to keep track of all the
hardware and software resources installed on all endpoints
connected to the network.
Role Based Administration
Role based Administration through eScan Management
Console enables the administrator to share the configuration
and monitoring responsibilities of the organization among
several administrators.
Client Live Updater
With the help of eScan’s Client Live Updater, events related to
eScan and security status of all endpoints are captured,
recorded and can be monitored in real-time. Also, the events
can be filtered to retrieve exact required information to closely
watch security level on all managed endpoint on a real-time
basis, thus ensuring total security on all managed endpoints.
Data Leak Prevention
eScan empowers enterprises to minimize the risk of data theft
with its advanced features like Attachment Control and Device
Control. Through Attachment control the admin can
block/allow all attachments the user tries to send through
specific processes as well as trusted websites that you define.
Session Activity Report
eScan Management Console monitors and logs the session
activity of the managed computers. It will display a report of
the endpoint start up / shut down / log on / log off / remote
session connects/ disconnects. With this report the
administrators can trace the user Logon and Logoff activity
along with remote sessions that took place on all managed
File Activity Report
eScan Management Console monitors and logs the file activity
of the managed computers. It will display a report of the files
created, copied, modified, and deleted. Select and filter the
report based on any of the details captured. It also allows you
to export the generated report in desired file formats such as
PDF, Excel, or HTML.
Policy Templates
Policy deployment can be made easy through policy
templates; this will allow the administrators to create policy
templates and deploy it to the desired managed groups.
Auto Grouping
The administrators can define the settings to automatically
add clients under desired sub groups. The administrators will

allow or block access to USB devices such as webcams, CDROMs, Composite devices, Bluetooth devices, SD Cards or
Imaging device.

have to Add Groups and also add client criteria under these groups based on host/host name with wild card / IP address /
IP range.
Send Message
Send message will allow the system administrators to send an
announcement or an alert message asking user to log off the
system or contact the system administrator, this can be easily
done using eScan console, without installing any third party
software on the client system.
Update Agent
The administrator can add computers as Update Agents. This
will reduce the traffic between the eScan Corporate Server and

the client. Update Agent will take the signature updates &
policies from eScan Corporate Server and distribute the same
to other managed computers in the group. (Bandwidth is

Print activity

eScan comprises of Print Activity module that efficiently
monitors and logs printing tasks done by all the managed
endpoints. It also provides a detailed report in PDF, Excel or
HTML formats of all printing jobs done by managed endpoints
through any printer connected to any computer locally or to
the network.
Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine provides real time
protection for organizations and users against Ransomware
attacks. It monitors the activity of all processes and blocks the
one whose behavior matches to a Ransomware.
Terminal Services Protection Module by eScan not just detects
the brute force attempts but also heuristically identifies
suspicious IP Addresses / Hosts. It blocks any attempts to
access the system.
eScan allows you to take a backup of your files on a scheduled
basis, and is stored in an encrypted and compressed file
format. It takes backup of these extensions – doc, docx, ods,
wps, wpd, pdf, xls, xlsx, csv, odp, one, pptx, ppt, ppsx, pps, rels,
and many more. The backup will be taken on the drive with the
largest free storage available. The backup can also to be taken
on network drive which is a pay and use feature.
One-Time Password
Using One Time Password option, the administrator can
enable or disable any eScan module on any Windows
endpoint for a desired period of time. This helps to assign
privileges to certain users without violating a security policy
deployed in a network.
Note – Print Activity, One Time Password, PBAE, and TSPM
features are valid for endpoints with Windows Operating
system only.


     Other Highlights

  • Secure Web Interface for Windows,

  • Mac and Linux

  • eScan Cloud Security

  • Set advanced security policies

  • On Demand Scanning

  • Secure Web Interface

  • License Management

  • Import & Export of Settings

  • Task deployment

  • Outbreak Prevention (Improvised)

  • Policy Templates (New)

  • Update Agent (Improvised)

  • Auto Grouping (New)

  • Active Directory Synchronization (New)

  • Message Broadcast (New)

  • File Reputation Services

  • Sophisticated File Blocking & Folder Protection

  • Powerful Heuristic Scanning for

  • Proactive Protection

  • Auto Back-up and Restore of Critical System files

  • Wizard to create a Linux-based

  • Rescue USB to clean

  • Rootkits & File infectors Inbuilt

  • eScan Remote Support

  • 24x7 FREE Online Technical Support

  • through e-mail, Chat

    & Forums

Application Control
eScan’s effective Application Control module allows you to
block/ whitelist and define time restrictions for allowing or
blocking execution of applications on Windows endpoints. It
helps in accessing only the whitelisted applications, while all
other third-party applications are blocked.
Advanced Anti-Spam
With its advanced Anti-Spam facility, eScan prevents you from
receiving spams. It checks the content of outgoing and
incoming mails as well as quarantines advertisement mails.
Moreover, eScan scans all the emails in real-time for Viruses,
Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Adware and hidden malicious
content using powerful, heuristic driven Dual Anti-Virus
Enhanced Two-way Firewall
The two-way Firewall with predefined rule sets will help you in
putting up a restriction to incoming and outgoing traffic and
hacking. It provides the facility to define the firewall settings as
well as define the IP range, permitted applications, trusted
MAC addresses and local IP addresses.
Privacy Control
Privacy control allows scheduling the auto erase of your cache,
ActiveX, cookies, plugins, and history. It also helps to
permanently delete files and folders without the fear of having
them retrieved through the use of third-party applications,
thus preventing misuse of data.
Advanced Web Protection
eScan comes with an advanced Web Protection feature that
allows administrators to define the list of sites to block or
whitelist on endpoints connected to the network where eScan
is installed. For Windows endpoints eScan also provides the
facility for time-based access restriction.
Schedule Scan
eScan offers you an option for scheduled scanning, which will
run seamlessly in the background without interrupting your
current working environment. It performs scheduled scans for
selected files / folders or the entire system for the scheduled
period, thus providing you the best protection against cyber

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